How Can You Not Just Go For It?

Written by Kelly McCausey

Topics: Successful Thinking

You have so many choices today.  Will you choose to just go for it?

Haven’t you chosen ‘or not’ enough for a lifetime?

One of my favorite quotes, and I apologize that I don’t know who to credit it to:

“You don’t have to be more than God created you to be – but stop being less.”

This challenges me to consider whether I’m making the most of what I have to work with every day.

What does it makes you think about?

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  1. This week is the beginning of summer for my kids.  My daughter is 11 so soon we’ll be discovering the tween years.  Before that I tell myself  I can be the mom they always remember doing fun things with. 

  2. Val says:

    I got tired of hearing my own excuses about my health when I talked to people. Last week I jumped full in. I know that when I’m all in with my health then my business follows the same. It’s amazing how much more productive I am when I feel better. Both health wise and confidence wise because I’m rocking my goals.

    On the road to my first half marathon in 10 more weeks. Not bad for someone that last Monday had been sitting on the couch for over 2 weeks ;)
    Val recently posted..HomeMy Profile

  3. Val says:

    Months, not weeks. Being stagnate for 2 weeks wouldn’t have been as bad. But barely running for the last year…ugh, all 16 pounds I worked so hard to lose last week found me.
    Val recently posted..HomeMy Profile

  4. admin says:

    A half marathon sounds so intimidating to me – but them I’m still proud to walk a mile at one time ;)

    uh… sounds like I’m in that stagnate place?

    Time to push it a bit more in this area too.

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