Are You A Chronic Business Spender?

Written by Kelly McCausey

Topics: Smart Strategy

Spend about 12 minutes with me and hear my heart on the problem of being addicted to spending money on your business.

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  1. Brenda Keller says:

    Thanks for sharing Kelly! You sound like you were very wise when starting your business. I have to admit that I have not been as wise. I have fallen so many times for the “you have to spend money -invest in your business- buy my product -buy my coaching.” I don’t know how many training & info products that I have purchased and are getting dusty in my documents file. I am getting better & more selective in what & when I am willing to spend money on. Thanks for being genuine and sharing from your experience. :-)

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for saying kind words about my early days Brenda! I don’t feel like I was wise though, I was B R O K E ;) I’m glad you’re selective these days! You probably have enough knowledge IN your head right now to keep yourself busy for months on end – so go DO great thing with it LOL!

  3. Kelly Davis says:

    Hello Kelly, I love listening to your podcasts and watching your videos. I understand how things were for you in the beginning because that is how they are for me now. I did spend 25 dollars a month with you for solosmarts because I believe you are worth learning from (even though I really cannot afford it and do not have the time to be on it a lot). I work two jobs that do not make enough to pay the bills and should, I do medical transcription right now. I am also raising three of my grandsons. As sad as it is, my wonderful mother pays most of my bills because I just do not have the money. My husband was hurt at work in 1999 and cannot work now and his medical bills are killing us too. Any “free” advice you could give me to help me out would be wonderful. I am not really good at anything and most of my experience is doing front desk and night audit at hotels which is not really something you can help people with online. I want to start a farm, but for that you also have to have money to get going (like even if it is just seeds money) and I like to cook. Keli’s life is about cooking and cleaning and I just got it going so it is still not very far…I am on GoDaddy right now, but recently heard about MomWebs and would like to (when I can afford to) switch over to them. I know “they” are you and Nicole Dean who I learned about you from. I am in Tracy Roberts group “Moms making money online” and I am just trying to learn everything I can right now. I do not have much time to write posts, but I do what I can for that. I really need to make some money and am not sure how to do it. If you could give me any advice it would be warmly and gratefully appreciated. You are great and I really look up to ladies like you, Nicole, and Tracy. You took something and ran with it and never looked back and got it going on!!! Have a great day and I will keep watching and trying to learn “For Free”. Thanks Kelly.

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