Kelly McCausey has built a thriving internet business doing what she loves; writing, creating, coaching and encouraging others.

With a goal to provide high value resources and services that help solopreneurs achieve dreams of a profitable online business, Kelly publishes a variety of blogs, podcasts, ebooks and audio products.

She got her start on the internet in 2002.

In her own words…

I never had enough money.  I was always struggling to cover a utility bill and when I did get some sort of windfall it usually went to fix my old car or take care of a crisis.  It was two steps forward, three steps back.

I remember one year where I was really starting to get my head above water and a serious wind storm pushed three big trees over – enough to put my home in danger but not far enough to make them touch the house.  That meant they had to be taken down but my homeowners insurance wouldn’t pay.  It was awful to hand over a thousand dollars of my hard earned money to the tree service company.

At that point, I think I sunk into an attitude that nothing would ever change for me. I would always be in debt and never be able to do the things I wanted to. But that wasn’t true.

In 2002 I started to look for ways to make money at home.  I launched a desktop publishing business and created my own website to market it.  This opened a door that led to a whole new world for me and before I knew it my life ws completely changed.

Through learning and applying principles of internet marketing – then teaching it to others – I’ve been able to dig myself out of debt, quit my day job and live life on my own terms.  Being a web based solopreneur gives me a lot of freedom and that’s what I want to share with others.  It isn’t all about making a lot of money.  Money is nice but choices are better.

I believe…

God has given each of us unique talents and special gifts.  He has a purpose for our life and work is part of it.  The work we choose can and should involve our gifts and talents.  When it does – it will be fulfilling.  When it doesn’t… well, it usually sucks.

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to pay the bills (don’t I know it!) but no one should be trapped in work they don’t enjoy for the long term.  You’ve heard it said, “where there is a will, there is a way” and I totally agree.   When it comes to earning an income online from home, if you have the will, I can show you the way.

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