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Don’t Hide Yourself

This will be quick, it’s just a thought that’s been tumbling around in my head over this past weekend at NAMS10 in Atlanta.

Don’t feel the need to hide yourself.

I’m a big gal.  I have been since my early twenties.  I used to avoid cameras – ducking, running, putting up my hands – even cursing at the person trying to take the shot.

I didn’t like seeing myself in photos because of my weight.

When I went to my first live event I promised myself I would not do that.

I am who I am and I look like what I look like.

Last year I loved the pictures people were taking of me because my weight was down.  This year I’m not so wild about them because my weight is up.

But you know what?

I’m not hiding from the camera & I’m not hiding from people.

Yes, I’d like to be slimmer. Yes, I’m annoyed that weight seems to be an even tougher challenge since coming through my health quirks of recent years.  But no – I’m not going to go hide because of it.

At NAMS10 I was approached on more than one occasion by other ‘women of size’ as one called it with a message of appreciation.  One gal I met for the first time told me it was a source of inspiration and a confidence boost for her to see me up on the stage.


I totally understand why she said it. You don’t see many big women on stages… it’s tough for people to see through a weight issue to value the person’s expertise and personality.

Here’s the fact:  I WANT to lost this weight.  I AM working on it!  I want the world to see an incredible shrinking Kelly again… but in the meantime – I’m not hiding.

And whoever you are and whatever you don’t like about yourself, you mustn’t hide either.  You’re robbing the world of the chance to love you and accept you for who you are deep down.

Don’t hide from cameras and don’t hide from people.

Get out there and be you.  When someone aims a camera or smart phone at you – SMILE :)

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Do You Lie To Yourself?

A lot of people start their with a lie.  Are you one of them?

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Are You A Chronic Business Spender?

Spend about 12 minutes with me and hear my heart on the problem of being addicted to spending money on your business.

Would love your feedback on this.

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Spend A Little Time Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

The whole issue of comfort and the ‘comfort zone’ is a bit of a paradox.

On one hand, I believe that you should make your work space as comfortable as possible so you’ll want to work there.

On the other hand, I think you should DO things that make you feel distinctly uncomfortable!

Working in a comfortable physical space means you can focus on doing work outside of your mental comfort zone ;)

Are you IN or OUT of your comfort zone right now?

Did you wake up this morning and follow the same routine you’ve had for years?  Routines are comfortable and if they truly serve your long term goals, they’re great.  For many of us, these habits are not helping to move us forward.

What if you get up and do something fresh and new?  What if you reach out to communicate with something new?  What if you decide to do something bigger and better that you’ve ever done before?  Sound a little scary?  A lot scary?

I’d like to motivate you to vacate your comfort zone, what do you say?

Three powerful audio’s you can listen to right away:

Dig in and enjoy!

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Order Solopreneurs are Smarter

I’ve written a book I’ve titled “Solopreneurs are Smarter: Why Soloprenuers Rock the Online Business World” and it helps to fulfill my goal of proving that Solopreneurs ARE Smarter!

Four strong, smart solopreneur women that I’ve had the great honor of partnering with over the last ten years contributed to the book.  Alice Seba, Lynette Chandler and Christina Lemmey wrote a guest chapter.  Nicole Dean wrote the Foreword.

This week I ordered a test printing to make sure that I haven’t blundered anywhere with my formatting so within the week I’ll have a paperback copy in my hands.  I expect to place my first ‘big order for the book within two business days after that.  So, I fell comfortable opening up the door to advance orders.

Yes, I have a huge grin on my face :)

You can read more about Solopreneurs are Smarter and place an order for your hand signed copy here. (Sales on the paper backs are currently closed – but you can order it on Kindle for only $2.99!)

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How Can You Not Just Go For It?

You have so many choices today.  Will you choose to just go for it?

Haven’t you chosen ‘or not’ enough for a lifetime?

One of my favorite quotes, and I apologize that I don’t know who to credit it to:

“You don’t have to be more than God created you to be – but stop being less.”

This challenges me to consider whether I’m making the most of what I have to work with every day.

What does it makes you think about?

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You Blessed Me :)

Nicole Dean, for being such a faithful friend.

David Perdew, for giving me a chance.

Angela Wills, for the sharpies that drew this message :)

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Project Procrastination Problems?

I told a business partner of mine today I was procrastinating about a project.  Her reply kinda made my day:

“i’m surprised…don’t see you as the procrastinating type”

She’s right actually, I’m not a big procrastinator.  I loved that she knows that about me!

I either want to do something or I don’t.  If I don’t want to do something I’ll delegate (outsource) it if it’s important or decide not to do it at all if it’s not.

In this particular situation I wasn’t really procrastinating.  I was mulling over decisions I had to make before we could go forward.  It’s a fine line.  My ‘mulling’ could turn into procrastination if it goes on for too long or I avoid facing some part of it.

Procrastination is a broken promise.

I heard something many years ago when I still worked a regular job.  “Hitting the snooze button is starting your day with a broken promise to yourself.”

When you went to bed the night before you set the alarm and your intention to get up at a certain time.  When you hit the snooze button and close your eyes, you’re procrastinating about your day.  You’re starting your day with personal compromise – you’re not doing what you intended to do!

This challenged me. I’d always loved setting my alarm for say, 7:00am, knowing full well I didn’t have to be up until 7:30am.  Hitting the snooze button two or three times was strangely satisfying.  From that day forward I never hit the snooze button again.  I set my alarm for THE time I needed to be awake and I got up when it buzzed.

This sets a positive tone: Do what you intended to do.

Chronic procrastination may be a side effect of overextending yourself.  You can cure your procrastination problem by being more realistic about your to do list every day.  If you commonly complete about three tasks per day – don’t create a daily to do list with ten items on it.  It’s just asking for trouble.  You’ll feel like a failure when you can’t finish your list.

What I’ve learned about me over the years is that I get stressed when I have more than 5-7 open projects at a time.  As an online marketer I have dozens of sites, partnerships & projects – but I can only focus on a few and keep my head straight.

What qualifies as an open project is hard to define.  It might be an information project I’m getting ready for launch, a book I’m writing, a client project I’m responsible for, etc.

I track my open projects by name and when I have seven in play, I start saying no to new things and filing other ideas away for later.

If I try to push myself and take on more projects I will end up procrastinating about something.

Managing and prioritizing all of my ideas, deciding what to work on now and what to file away for later – that’s tough.  After ten years in this business I’ve got valuable perspective on what will make me the most money.  Still, the world is always changing.  What worked two, five or eight years ago doesn’t work the same today.  There will always be a certain amount of risk in my decisions.

The important thing is this:  I do what I intend to do.

If I open a project, I diligently work it til it is complete.  If I feel tempted to procrastinate at any point I will review the project for continued viability.  I’m fine with scrapping something that isn’t working for me.  Better to realize it now than let it weigh down on my thoughts.

So what about you?  Are you procrastinating too much?  I hope you got some ideas for reducing procrastination here.


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